Ellipse Auto Transmission has more than 10 years of experience in repairing gearboxes. We are a one stop centre, providing solutions for all auto transmission matters.

We provide quality brands like Transtar, Sonnaz, ALTO, ZF South East Asia, etc. All our quality parts comes with warranty. Our workshop is equipped with professional tools and equipment to ensure all components of the Automatic Transmission are fully tested during the dismantling and assembling process prior to the final test upon completion.

Our Services


Engine Services

Without this crucial system, the vehicle cannot carry out its intended purpose; Transportation.

Transmission Services

The Transmission ensures maximum engine efficiency of torque generated to the wheels.


Providing the initial start to the engine, the Battery stabilizes its voltage to keep it running.

Aircon Services

The Aircon keeps the interior cool and circulate the air supply within the vehicle.


Brakes allows the slowing or stopping of the vehicle’s wheels to help control its moving velocity.

Diagnosis Check

The onboard diagnosis system detects and reports any malfunctions.


The suspension absorbs any impact and stabilizes the vehicle on the road.

24hrs Towing Services

24hours towing Services are available for any vehicle breakdowns or engine malfunction.


Your Gearbox Specialist

  • Brand new or reconditioned transmission of all models
  • Solutions for automatic transmission mechanical and electronic problems

  • Rebuild, overhaul or repair of automatic transmission
  • Supply of transmission parts

  • Rebuilding of torque converter
  • Automatic transmission maintenance service


Happy Customers

Done a wonderful job in overhaul my car transmission. My original transmission was overhaul by them but didn’t run well after installing into car. Shop found another transmission, overhaul it and install into my car without additional cost. Was happy that shop owner Alvin Ang gave me 15 months warranty. ”

Roy Chua

My Mazda 3 gearbox service was done by them. They are able to advise me & use original Mazda parts for my ride 🙂
In future I will still send in my ride again 😉

Zoomturf  Mazda 3

My dad is all praise for the services rendered by Alvin and how smooth his 21- year old Mercedes is now that he had his car’s transmission overhauled at a very reasonable price. He feels that all COE renewed car owners should contact Alvin and have their cars checked up and transmission overhauled.

Megan Choo Mercedes

I am looking around for my gearbox repair and Alvin from Ellipse Auto was very friendly and honest! I was given advise and reasonable price for the repair and now I am happy with it. Highly recommended.

Christopher Foo


What should you look out for?

Sudden Increase In RPM

There might be instances where a surge in RPM occurs without any input from the driver. This might be due to an issue with the transmission fluid or its filter, which might require a proper cleaning or change depending on its condition.

Transmission Check Light ON

A clear sign that something has malfunctioned within the Gearbox, the transmission light being On should be the first indication that you should get it checked. Even in the case that it is the transmission check light itself malfunctions, it is still better to be safe and send your vehicle in to get inspected.

Vibrates or Slow Response

The Gearbox is designed to facilitate smooth transition from gear to gear. If you notice any abnormalities when shifting gears or any delayed response to your input, it is a sure sign that the Gearbox has to be inspected

Loud Noise

Sometimes we might hear unfamiliar noises coming from our engines that we might brush off. However, these may just be the early warning signs that damage has occurred with the internal gears and should be checked out as soon as possible.

The Car Is Jerky

Jerky car movements can be due to an issue with the transmission pump within the gearbox. The gears themselves might have also worn out, where grinding noises can be heard at the same time. These signs must not be treated lightly and should be looked into by a professional to prevent long term damage to the transmission system.

Unusual / Burning Smells

While driving, you might notice a smell of burning and that might be a huge indicator that something is wrong within the vehicle. However, this could also be due to the transmission fluid of the vehicle overheating. To be on the safe side, it would always be better to send it in for inspection to make sure.

Transmission Oil Leaking

Leakage of transmission fluid can be due to different causes. One such cause could be due to a gap in your transmission system. Leaks can also be a result of wear and tear, possibly due to damage on the fluid lines caused by road debris over time.

Changing of Transmission fluid

The changing of transmission fluid depends from car to car. The usage and mileage will play a part in determining the regularity of change. It is also recommended to check the fluid to detect and irregularity such as change in color, which would be a sign of deterioration of parts in the system. It is advisable to consult a trained professional to determine if a change in transmission fluid is required.

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