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Engine Services

Comprising of critical parts such as the piston, cylinders and spark plug, the Engine of an Automobile is highly important for the vehicle. It is particularly crucial to keep them in tip top working condition, to ensure a smooth ride and most importantly, safety whilst driving at all times.

Transmission Services

As experts in Auto Transmission servicing and repairs, Ellipse’s team of skilled Technicians will provide the best diagnostics and servicing required. Transmission is a key component in a vehicle as without it, the torque generated by the Engine would not be able to be efficiently transmitted to the wheels.


The Battery is the main initial supplier of electric current in the vehicle, which would in turn start the engine with a turn of your key through the starter. Once the engine is running, the battery also stabilizes the voltage to keep it going.An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. Its main purpose is to feed the starter, which starts the engine

Aircon Services

In the highly humid and unforgiving weather Singapore has, being enclosed in a vehicle with no air con would be problematic. Even winding down the windows might not circulate the air within properly to keep the interior and the passengers cool. Thus the aircon within the vehicle has to be maintained and serviced properly to ensure smooth functioning throughout your driving journey.


The proper functioning of brakes can be the difference between life and death. Efficient application of the brakes, brake fluid and its systems is extremely important to a vehicle’s functioning. Thus brakes need to be inspected and maintained for them to perform at their maximum efficiency.

Diagnosis Check

Sometimes as car owners, we are unsure of what is wrong with our vehicle or if there is any malfunctions in the first place. Therefore the onboard diagnosis systems check has to be functioning properly itself, to provide correct updates to the drive in the event of any malfunctions.


One of the key parts of a vehicle’s chassis is the suspension system, which links the wheels to the various tries, springs and shock absorbers. Any malfunction of the suspensions and shock absorbers would be felt as every vehicle ride would be much rougher.

These are clear signs that the suspension systems require inspection as driving with any damage on them would be dangerous especially when taking tight turns or at higher speeds.

24hrs Towing Services

Aside from services pertaining to the internal systems of the vehicle, we also provide 24hr Towing Services in the event of any emergency breakdowns. Be it, engine start failure or tire punctures, we will send our towing services to assist you.


Your Gearbox Specialist

  • Brand new or reconditioned transmission of all models
  • Solutions for automatic transmission mechanical and electronic problems

  • Rebuild, overhaul or repair of automatic transmission
  • Supply of transmission parts

  • Rebuilding of torque converter
  • Automatic transmission maintenance service